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Floral design printed for Seven Story clothing line

Simply Put...We Print Cool Stuff

Seven Story Clothing is a custom silkscreen/screen print company providing top quality apparel printing, vinyl transfer, and artistic development services. So, what type of items do we print? We print on; t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby clothes, book bags, hand bags, aprons, pet clothes, jerseys, beer/soda can coolers, tank tops, shorts, work-out wear...and a ton of other cool stuff. Our operation is flexible which allows us to tackle large print runs without delay and also gives us the ability to take on smaller print runs...all with shorter turn around times.

Screen Printing Services

Seven Story Clothing provides high quality silk screen services on a large variety of apparely and promotional items. The number of possibilities are virtually endless as we employ the latest techniques offering unlimited color combinations, glitter, ink, foil, glow in the dark and dozens of other exciting printing options.

Customization With Heat Vinyl

If individual customization is what you need, we've got you covered. We have heat press vinyl services done in house. This allows us to customize jersies and other apparel items with names, numbers, or even custom pieces of art and do it without the delay many shops have.

Art Services: Helping You Develop Ideas and Taking Your Ideas Into Print

Seven Story Clothing employs several artists who are here to help you develop your ideas. We can do something as simple as taking an already established design and converting to a format frieldly to print. Or we can create an entire brand, helping you to develop an idea from scratch for your business, organization or event. We have worked with everything with completed digital separated designs to hand drawn designs pencilled on a napkin (that is not a joke). Our artists can help you achieve what you are looking to do.

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Someone Had A Vision and We Put Ink On It

The works below were taken from an idea and developed by our artists. Some were brought to us by clients with an idea in mind and some were designed with only an abstract concept to go from. All of the designs were printed clearly and vibrantly on apparel of some sort including; t-shirts, sweatshirts, handbags, even baby clothes. We love this stuff.

Often-times It's Just Ink...No Big Deal

We have great artists. But a good number of our customers come to us with design in hand. We can print the design exactly as you bring it to us...taking your digital art and putting in on whatever you wanted it printed on. The logo or image on your computer screen can look just as good on a shirt, handbag, or tank-top. Oh...and then it is real...right?


  • Milwaukee Tomken's MS Charity Event

  • Shamrock Electric

  • South Side Animal Shelter

  • Helping Hands

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Floral design used in Seven Story clothing line

All You Need To Know About Us...and Probably More

Seven Story Clothing Company has been a full service print shop since 2011. We are a creative, experienced, and approachable group of individuals who believe that the art of printing is exciting...and we love bringing your ideas to print.

Customer-centric, Honest, and Easy To Understand

Why can't things just be simple? When we started Seven Story Clothing that question resonated loudly. Why do companies have to hide fees, upsell services that should be free, and literally make a client guess about what they will be receiving? What we do and what we deliver can be complex but the way we approach our business is simple. We bellieve in providing above expectation products and design with complete price transparancy and a serious obsession with customer satisfaction. Customers keep us up at night...and that is how it should be.

When you deal with us there are never hidden fees. All of our pricing is given up front. We won't surprise you with screen fees, setup fees, dark shirt fees, expediting harges, shirt flip fees, ink colr charges, etc. You will get a free proof of your proposed work and an up front transparent quote.

Large or Small Print Runs...You Are Our Prioirty

Because of the flexibility of our operation we are able to provide large print runs or just a few items all at a faster turn around time than almost anyone in the business. The truth is that most print shops can do small runs, they just won't or they charge you a huge aount of money to get the work done. We have clients who order thousands of items at a time and we have people calling us needing 10 shirts for their volley ball team. They are both our favorite customer.

Community Membership and Involvement

At Seven Story we are proud members of our local community. We sell apparel all over the United States but we believe that we owe our local community. We are proud of our locations and the communties in which they exist. We are involved with many non-profit organizations and are always eager to support events and causes in our community. Are you a non-profit, church or an organization directly involved with the military? We offer discounts for those who support others in need. Ask us. We are happy and proud to help.?

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Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple - Dr. Seuss.

Have a question. Answers are power and we are POWERFUL!

> What kind of items can you print on?

If you can wear it, there is a good chance we can print on it. Seven Story Clothing prints shirts of all types which include short sleeve, long sleeve, woman fitted, men's cut, unisex, etc. We also print sweatshirts including hooded and zippered. Tank tops, work-out wear, shorts, warm-up suits, bowling shirts,  they all come off of our presses. We also print baby clothes, pet clothes, book bags, can/bottle coolers, grocery bags and a bunch of other cool stuff.

> I have a special color, style, and material of shirt in mind. Will that be a problem?

We can get shirts and other types of apparel in hundreds of colors from dozens of manufacturers. There are so many options available, we have yet to find a client who could not find a garment that met their needs. Oh, and if you want to see a sample in person, contact us. We will meet you or send the sample to you. People want what they want and we are here to give them...well...what they want.

> How much does it cost to get a shirt printed?

We are not a betting company...but we will bet you that we can print what you want cheaper and BETTER than anyone you can find; local or online. Want to know why? We act "local" no matter where you are calling us from and our face to face and online history shows we beat them (by "them," we mean everyone)...almost always. Being honest...a quick email or call to us can save you a lot of money. Flexibility and experience make us a really good option.

But honestly, it depends on the type or brand of shirt and the complexity of the print. A shirt with 5 ink colors will cost more than a shirt with 1. That is the basics of a service business. It costs more to have a car painted in 4 colors than it would with 1. But, we beat most price. We are proud and happy to give discounts based on the number ordered. Any company that offers one price fits all princing in the apparel business is either not telling you the whole story or they are selling only junk shirts in limited options. Oh...and if you are a NFP organization or affiliated with our military, we will discount you even more.

But...simple answer to simple question is...somewhere from a few bucks to more than a few bucks. We have printed shirts at $3ish dollars apiece up to jerseys at $65 or more apiece. Scoll down a few lines for a very honest and...well...vague pricing schedule.


> What will I have to give you to get my design or idea printed?

If you have a digital design on your computer, there is a good chance that you have all you need. If your design was created by a digital artist you are definately good to go. If you took a picture of your dog and want it printed, we can help you out. If you drew an idea on a napkin (and yes we have seen that more than a few times), we can have one of our artists redraw it for you. Even if you have an idea that has not been brought to visual life, we have an art staff that can help bring ideas to life in print.

> Why should I let Seven Story do my printing?

We are easy to work with, we have more talented artists, we provide fast turn-around times at no extra cost, and we offer better prices. There are never any set-up costs, screen fees, or hidden crap that can surprise you and bust your budget. We simply don't believe in doing business that way. But the truth is we are just cool people with better ideas, a lot of pride, and a ton of printing talent.

> How fast can I get items printed?

Our presses can run pretty much constantly and our artists work long hours so we have faster turn around times than most. If you bring an idea to us on Wednesday, it is probably not probable that we could print you 500 items by that Friday. But we will give you an accurate turn-around time as soon as we see your design...and we usually beat it. But a more direct answer is that most orders can go from a completed digital design to delivery in 7-10 days.

> Does Seven Story use harsh chemicals?

Nope. We run a "green," facility. All of our chemicals are soy or citrus based and completely drain friendly. There is a very strong possibility that the cleaners under your sink are much more harmfull than anything we use. We think that being responsible to our Mother Earth is the right thing to do. The harshest chemical you will find in our shop is more than likely the occasional Mountain Dew sitting next to the press.

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If any screen printing shop gives you a set price for custom work, they are not giving you the whole story. Apparel printing is a complex process which has a vast amount of variables like; the type/brand/material of shirt being used, the amount of colors printed, the colors and sizes of the garments, the amount of items printed, delivery turn around, etc. We are putting a basic price list just below for use as a base of reference but please remember that just like every client has different needs, each job may carry different costs.

Screen Printing

Starts at $4

per shirt
  • Price is for one color print
  • Price is based on quantity
  • Price is based on garment type, brand, and sometimes size
  • Free proofs included
  • Free local delivery included


Starts at $1.50

per garment
  • Customization can include names, numbers, etc.
  • Durable heat press vinyl
  • Customization may not be possible for all garment types
  • Tons of colors and effects available including glitter, foil, etc.

Art Conversion

Free and Up

per job
  • Almost all digital art can be converted free of charge
  • Conversion files are yours after we complete them
  • Nedd help with color? That's what we do
  • We are happy to work with your artists

Graphic Design


per hour
  • Several artists on staff
  • We can turn vague ideas into great printed garments 
  • Logo and Mascot design are specialties
  • We know what works on apparel
  • Up front quotes
Tell Us About Your Job For Specific Pricing

(414) 639-5558

We Have Our Own Ideas Too

Seven Story Clothing designs, prints, and distributes several lines of clothing. They mainly focus on the stuff we are interested in; Beer, Video Games, Adopted Animals, Etc.

It's really neat to be able to put our artists to work designing stuff we thought of. And again, our artists are very talented making it easier to bring some of our ideas into the real world and get them onto clothing for people to wear and enjoy. Below are a couple of the lines we are developing. Check them out...


  • Epic Game Wear

  • Beer For Your Face

Questions about the stuff we print? Call us.



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